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In this section, we discuss basic modifications you can do to a generic high pressure wash gun.

In particular, we will show the steps involved in how you can convert the inlet fitting of a typical pressure washer gun.

In this example, we shall work with the trigger handle shown below, but the techniques discussed can be applied to most industry-standard wash guns.

IMPORTANT: Before any attempt to modify any part of a commercial wash gun, please be advised that the required tools and procedures have to be strictly and carefully adhered to, to ensure leak-proof high pressure joints and to prevent safety hazards. Failure to comply may result in unstable operation, and/or even cause personal injury.

Tools Needed

  1. Cordless Screwdriver with Philips Bit (or Philips Screwdriver)

    For disassembly and assembly of the gun housing.

  2. Heat Gun

    For applying heat prior to removing wash gun fittings.

    Most commercial wash guns have internal pipe threads that have fittings pre-glued with semi-permanent thread sealant/locker, that cannot be removed simply by ordinary hand tools.

    Removing pressure washer gun fittings almost always require a heat gun, with at least 350°C output, and optionally, a reducer nozzle to focus the heat applied to a joint.

  3. Pipe Vise (or Vise Grip)

    For securely clamping the gun tubing while heating the joint and removing the fitting.

  4. Combination Wrench Set (or Adjustable Wrench)

    For detaching and attaching the fittings.

  5. Optional: Utility Knife and Set of Cleaning Brushes (or ToothBrush)

    For cleaning sealant residue from pipe threads after removal. Ideally, a set consistng of 1 brass, 1 nylon, and 1 steel brush for all-around cleaning of parts.

Materials Needed

  1. The replacement fitting

    Most commercial pressure washer guns have an internal tubing with 1/8" BSP male pipe thread on the inlet port. In this example, we want to change the inlet fitting to a 1/4" BSP female, so we would need a 1/8" BSP female to 1/4" BSP female converter.

    NOTE: In cases where you cannot determine which size and type of pipe thread your wash gun comes with, and which fitting/adapter you will need, it may be necessary to visit your neighborhood machine shop. Or you can get in touch with us and we can help check it out for you.

  2. Thread Sealer/Locker (Loctite 243, 263, 577 or equivalent)

    For sealing and locking pipe threads. 243 is medium-strength blue glue, 263 is high-strength permanent red glue, and 577 is medium-strength semi-permanent yellow sealant. Both 263 and 577 require heat to unseat locked threads, while 243 allows disassembly with hand tools.

  3. Loctite 7061 Solvent (or Acetone)

    For removing and cleaning excess sealant residue after disassembly.

    To a lesser degree, acetone may be used to clean up dried adhesive residue.

  4. Loctite 7471 Primer (or Acetone)

    For preparing and cleaning thread surfaces to be bonded, prior to assembly.

    Helps ensure proper cure of anaerobic adhesives especially on inactive metals such as stainless steel.

    Acetone also works well as a solvent for cleaning up excess or spilled raw, uncured sealant during assembly.


While not obligatory, a good work table can help you organize and execute your work flow effectively.

In addition, a scrub sponge, tissue paper and some cleaning cloths can help clean up your stuff as you go along.

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