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This section assumes you have already read and fully understood the prerequisites discussed in Basic Wash Gun Mod Part 1

Here we walk through the basic steps involved in changing a wash gun inlet fitting, in this case a metric M22 male, to a 1/4" BSP female, which will then allow our wash gun to accept a variety of standard 1/4" accessories.

Wash gun before mod: with M22 male inlet Wash gun after mod: with 1/4" BSP female inlet

Step 1: Remove the outlet coupler

Our example wash gun includes a quick coupler that can be removed by hand.

Step 2: Remove the wash gun housing

Remove the screws that hold the wash gun body together, optionally in criss-cross fashion to unseat the screws evenly.

Then carefully split open the housing panels.

Step 3: Remove the trigger push pin

Remove the pipe tubing from the housing, then carefully remove the trigger push pin before proceeding. This avoids the possibility of the pin accidenally sliding out of its port and getting lost while you work.

Keep the push pin, housing panels and screws together so as not to misplace them.

Step 4: Apply heat to the inlet tube and fitting

Securely clamp the wash gun tubing in the pipe vise. Use a protective padding, such as a short piece of garden hose, to avoid marring the stainless steel pipe surface.

Evenly apply heat around the inlet area for about a minute or so. You may need to heat slightly longer to dissolve more of the cured sealant and lessen clean-up of excess residue on the threaded surfaces later.

Step 5: Remove the inlet fitting

Using a wrench, remove the fitting just after applying heat. This has to be done while the thread sealer/locker is still in a semi-dissolved state.

Step 6: Clean the inlet pipe thread

Apply Loctite 7061 Solvent to the disassembled pipe thread (or briefly soak in acetone), after which, remove any remaining thread locker residue using a steel brush. For really stubborn residue build-up, you may need to use a utility knife to scrape off any excess cured residue.

Step 7: Apply thread sealer/locker.

Prior to assembly, apply Loctite 7471 Primer (or acetone) around the thread surfaces to be bonded, let evaporate for about a minute, then wipe with a dry lint-free cloth. Never use tissue paper that shed fibers which may settle in the thread crevices. Simply brush clean the threads if in doubt.

Carefully apply an even bead of thread sealer/locker around the inlet pipe thread. For larger diameter pipes, apply sealant to the internal thread of the new fitting as well. Do not over apply since you will have to clean up the excess adhesive later anyway.

Step 8: Attach the new fitting

Initially attach the new fitting by hand, and gradually tighten the joint using a wrench with just enough torque.

WARNING: The fitting is made of brass. Do not apply excessive torque.

During assembly there is normally a build-up of adhseive oozing out at the point of contact between the fitting and the pipe thread, as a result of the fitting pushing the extra adhesive towards the pipe thread's inner end as it is tightened. No problem as the extra adhesive will just provide a thicker and stronger seal at the joint, which is what we want.

But if the spill is overly excessive, and becomes unsightly, you may opt to clean up but do so only with due attention and care.

Use a lint-free tissue paper or a cotton swab slightly dampened with acetone to wipe off the excess only on the surface of the pipe or fitting. Do not get acetone creeping onto the threads itself as the acetone will act as a thinner for the adhesive.

The below photos show the wash gun pipe with modified inlet fitting.

Step 9: Attach the wash gun housing

Carefully align the modified pipe tubing and securely close the wash gun housing panels together.

Reassembled wash gun with modified fitting Modified fitting with optional quick plug

Basic Wash Gun Mod Part 1

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