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Tolsen 79100 Hot Air Gun 2000W
Tolsen 79105 Glue Gun 60W
Tolsen 79501 Industrial Impact Drill 500w
Tolsen 79503 Industrial Impact Drill 850w
Tolsen 79519 Industrial Angle Grinder 4” (850W)
Tolsen 79551 Jig Saw 800w
Tolsen 79565 Random Orbital Sander 125mm 280w
Tolsen 79570 High Pressure Washer 1400W (100 bar)
Tolsen 79571 High Pressure Washer 1800W (130 bar)
Tolsen 79604 2-in-1 Blower / Vacuum 400w
Tolsen 79606 Industrial 2-in-1 Blower / Vacuum 600w
Total TB1206 Heat Gun 2000W
Total TB2006 Industrial Heat Gun 2000W
Total TB20062 Industrial Heat Gun Kit 2000W with Moulded Case
Total TB2046 Aspirator Blower 400W
Total TB2066 Aspirator Blower 600W
Total TB2086 Industrial Aspirator Blower 800W
Total TBG15015.5 Bench Grinder 150W 150mm
Total TD205106 Electric Drill 500W
Total TF1301826 Finishing Sander 320W
Total TF2031256 Rotary Sander 320W
Total TF2041501 Rotary Sander 450W
Total TF2231106 Palm Sander 240W
Total TG103251 Grass Trimmer 350w
Total TG1061356 Impact Drill 680W
Total TG10710036 Angle Grinder 710W 100mm
Total TG1081156 Angle Grinder 800W 115mm
Total TG108136 Impact Drill 750W
Total TG109136 Industrial Impact Drill 850W
Total TG1121006 Angle Grinder 1010W 100mm
Total TG11210067 Angle Grinder with Speed Control 1010W 100mm
Total TG501032 Mini Grinder Kit 130W
Total TGT1126 High Pressure Washer 1500 Watts
Total TGT1131 High Pressure Washer 1300 Watts 120 Bar
Total TGT11316 High Pressure Washer 1400 Watts 130 Bar
Total TGT11356 High Pressure Washer 1800W 150 Bar
Total TL1108236 Electric Planer 1050W
Total TP1141806 Angle Polisher 1400W
Total TP18001-5 2-stroke 800 Watts Gasoline Generator
Total TR11122 Electric Router 2200W
Total TS1141856 Circular Saw 1400W 185mm
Total TS2081006 Jig Saw 800W
Total TS42182551P Sliding Compound Mitre Saw 1800w 255mm (10”)
Total TS5152542 Table Saw 1500W 254mm
Total TS92035516 Cut Off Saw 2350W 355mm
Total TT1006 Electric Spray Gun 100W
Total TT3506 Electric Spray Gun 350W
Total TT5006 Electric Spray Gun 500W

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