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Fixtec FAG18002 2350W 180mm Angle Grinder with Rotary Rear Handle
Fixtec FAG750100R 750W 100mm Angle Grinder
Fixtec FAH0010 10m Industrial Air Hose with Quick-Release Fittings
Fixtec FAH0015 15m Industrial Air Hose with Quick-Release Fittings
Fixtec FAPM4001 Hex Shaft Paint Mixer (400x80x8mm)
Fixtec FAPM4002 SDS Shaft Paint Mixer (400x80x10mm)
Fixtec FAPM6001 Hex Shaft Paint Mixer (600x100x9mm)
Fixtec FAPM6002 SDS Shaft Paint Mixer (600x100x10mm)
Fixtec FAT0005 5pcs Industrial Air Tools Kit
Fixtec FBL40001 400W Portable Blower
Fixtec FBS90001 900W 76mm Belt Sander
Fixtec FCP37001 370W 1/2Hp Centrifugal Water Pump
Fixtec FCS1851201 1200W 185mm Circular Saw
Fixtec FDBG2501K 25pcs HSS Drill Bits Set
Fixtec FDBK016 16 Pcs Assorted Drill Bits Set
Fixtec FDH150145 1500W 30mm Demolition Breaker
Fixtec FDS08002L 800W 225mm Extendable Drywall Sander
Fixtec FHCGS007 7pcs Industrial Fixed Head Combination Ratchet Spanner Set
Fixtec FHCJT5010 220mm (8.6”) Industrial Curved Jaws Locking Pliers
Fixtec FHFS0180 Folding Saw 180mm (7”)
Fixtec FHG20004 2000W Dual Temperature Heat Gun
Fixtec FHLNT5009 220mm (8.6”) Industrial Long Nose Locking Pliers
Fixtec FHPK031 3pcs Industrial Chrome Vanadium Pliers Set
Fixtec FHSD0602 6pcs Magnetic Tip Industrial Screwdrivers Set
Fixtec FIWM20-140LCD 20-140A Inverter MMA Welding Machine
Fixtec FMC12401 1240W 110mm Marble Cutter
Fixtec FMS21002 1500W 210mm Compound Mitre Saw
Fixtec FPL550821 550W 82mm Electric Planer
Fixtec FPP37001 370W 1/2Hp Peripheral Water Pump
Fixtec FRH90001 900W 26mm Rotary Hammer


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