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How to Order Online

Ordering thru Lazada

For cash on delivery (COD) and credit card payments, we now oprate a storefront in Lazada to provide effortless shopping convenience to our clients.

Ogre.Ph at Lazada

Ordering directly from Ogre.Ph

For clients who need to buy bulky items that are not practical to ship via Lazada, and for clients who prefer to buy directly from us.

1 ~ Please specify all relevant product information including brand, model, quantity, color, size and whatever else is applicable.


1 GoPro Hero7 Black Edition (correct)
1 Deuter Washbag II (incomplete: what color please?)
1 Fox Dirtpaw MX Glove Red (incomplete: what size please?)

For orders that are to be shipped, please include the recipient's name and complete address, as well as your choice of courier and preferred bank ( please see our Payment and Delivery Options ).

Juan dela Cruz
123 Daang Matuwid, Brgy Uno,
Mandaluyong City

You can send your order inquiry either by

  • sending us an email at, or
  • posting a comment in the product page in our facebook page

For faster transactions, you can also send us your order via SMS thru the following numbers:

  • 0925 741 2039 Sun
  • 0917 844 9677 Globe

And of course you may always call any of the numbers posted herein. These methods are preferrable as we are not always online.

Please be advised that we will no longer respond to questions in which all answers can already be found here.

Please let us save each other the time, effort, hassle and the extra costs of communication on most of the info that are already presented here.

In almost all cases, the only questions you may need to ask are:

  1. if the item is available,
  2. where and when we can meet
  3. or, for orders intended for shipping, our bank account info.

Of course, we shall always entertain any clarification needed on any matter not covered herein, such as warranty policies on selected products, particular product specifications, discounts on volume purchases, etc.

2 ~ We will send you the total order price plus shipping fee (depends on your choice of courier), along with our bank account details.

3 ~ We will ship to the specified name and address as soon as our bank confirms payment. We will send you the tracking number as soon as the order is shipped.

You may also want to read our Payment and Delivery Options as well as our Delivery Guidelines and Policies.

Thank you for your interest, and most especially for your understanding.

Frequently Asked

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