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Total PBCA12001 Booster Cable 200 Amp
Total PBCA16001 Booster Cable 600 Amp
Total TAC2111003 Diamond Cutting Disc (Wet and Dry) 100mm
Total TAC2131051HT Ultrathin Industrial Diamond Disc 105mm (4”)
Total TAC231005 Industrial TCT Saw Blade (100mm 40T)
Total TAC32031.2 Industrial Wire Cup Brush 75mm (3”)
Total TAC451301.1 13mm Keyed Chuck with SDS Adaptor
Total TAC7111801 Polishing Pad with Flange 180mm (7”)
Total TACLI2001 Cordless Air Compressor (Battery and Charger NOT INCLUDED)
Total TACLI2001S Cordless Air Compressor Set (with 20V Lithium-Ion Battery and Charger)
Total TACSD30136 Ratchet Screwdriver Set 13-in-1
Total TACSD30181 T-Handle Ratchet with Bits 18 Pcs Set
Total TACSD30186 T-Handle Ratchet with Bits 24 Pcs Set
Total TACSD30256 T-Handle Ratchet with Bits 25 Pcs Set
Total TACSD30266 Ratchet Screwdriver Plus Bits Set 26Pcs
Total TACSD30336 Ratchet Screwdriver Plus Bits Set 33Pcs
Total TACSD5051 Masonry Drill Bits 5-pc Set with Case
Total TACSD6165 Drill Bits Set 16 Pcs
Total TACSDL11601 16 Pcs Assorted Drill Bits Set
Total TACSE0056 5 pcs Screw Extractors Set 3-18mm
Total TACSR0121 Router Bits 12-pc Set
Total TAMWH25032 Magnetic Welding Holder 3” 25lbs
Total TAMWH50042 Magnetic Welding Holder 4” 50lbs
Total TAMWH75052 Magnetic Welding Holder 5” 75lbs
Total TAT11001 Air Spray Gun 1000cc
Total TAT11601 Air Tire Inflating Gun
Total TAT20751 Air Washing Gun
Total TAT3031-3 Air Blow Gun
Total TAT3081-3 Air Blow Gun (Extended Nozzle)
Total TAT81501 2-in-1 Pneumatic Combo Brad Nailer
Total TATK051 Air Tools 5pcs Set
Total TB1206 Heat Gun 2000W
Total TB2006 Industrial Heat Gun 2000W
Total TB20062 Industrial Heat Gun Kit 2000W with Moulded Case
Total TB2046 Aspirator Blower 400W
Total TB2066 Aspirator Blower 600W
Total TB2086 Industrial Aspirator Blower 800W
Total TBG15015.5 Bench Grinder 150W 150mm
Total TC125502 Air Compressor 2.5HP 50L
Total TD205106 Electric Drill 500W
Total TD4486 Cordless Screwdriver 4.8V
Total TDLI228120 Cordless Drill Set 12V Li-Ion
Total TESA31001 Industrial Electronic Weighing Scale 100kg (220lb)
Total TESA33001 Industrial Electronic Weighing Scale 300kg (660lb)
Total TF1301826 Finishing Sander 320W
Total TF2031256 Rotary Sander 320W
Total TF2041501 Rotary Sander 450W
Total TF2231106 Palm Sander 240W
Total TFBLI2001 Lithium-Ion 20V 2.0Ah Battery Pack
Total TFBLI2002 Lithium-Ion 20V 4.0Ah Battery Pack
Total TFCLI2001 Fast Intelligent Charger for 20V Li-Ion Batteries
Total TFMFT01151 Foldable Multifunction Tool 15 in 1
Total TG103251 Grass Trimmer 350w
Total TG1061356 Impact Drill 680W
Total TG10710036 Angle Grinder 710W 100mm
Total TG1081156 Angle Grinder 800W 115mm
Total TG108136 Impact Drill 750W
Total TG109136 Industrial Impact Drill 850W
Total TG1121006 Angle Grinder 1010W 100mm
Total TG11210067 Angle Grinder with Speed Control 1010W 100mm
Total TG501032 Mini Grinder Kit 130W
Total TG5121806 Snap-Off Blade Utility Knife 185mm
Total TG5126101 Utility Knife 61mm 6 Blades
Total TGT1126 High Pressure Washer 1500 Watts
Total TGT1131 High Pressure Washer 1300 Watts 120 Bar
Total TGT11316 High Pressure Washer 1400 Watts 130 Bar
Total TGT11356 High Pressure Washer 1800W 150 Bar
Total TGTPB251 250mm Patio Brush Set for Total/Kawasaki/Fujihama Pressure Washers
Total THCT070 Hydraulic Crimping Tool Set
Total THES03041V Extension Socket
Total THFSW1806 Folding Saw 7"
Total THHC1202 Two-way Y Swivel Coupling (for 1” and 3/4” taps)
Total THHCS05122 5-pcs Garden Hose Quick Connectors Set
Total THHW8081 Industrial T-Handle Hex Wrench Set 8 Pcs
Total THISTD12101 1/2”-Drive Industrial Impact Sockets Set 10pcs
Total THKTHP1012 Household Tools Set 40 pcs
Total THL013AAA2 LED Head Lamp
Total THMFH0126 Multi-function 12-pcs Folding Tools Set with Hammer
Total THMFK0156 Multi-function 15-pcs Folding Tools Set with Knife
Total THPS23602 3-Arm Plastic Rotary Sprinkler
Total THSCRS812001 Household Scissors 200mm (8”)
Total THSCRS812801 Household Scissors 275mm (11”)
Total THSH501506 Safety Harness
Total THT0109 Bypass Pattern Pruning Shear 200mm (8”)
Total THT0601 Bypass Pattern Pruning Shear 220mm (8.5”)
Total THT102RK086 Ratchet Spanner Set 8pcs
Total THT10309328 Self-Adjusting Wrench Set 2 pcs
Total THT106182 Folding Hex Keys Set 8pcs
Total THT10821 Hydraulic Floor Jack 2 Ton
Total THT11101 Air Hose 10m
Total THT11101-3 Air Hose 10m
Total THT111051-3 Air Hose 15m
Total THT113126 Industrial Bolt Cutter 12”
Total THT11386 Mini Bolt Cutter 8"
Total THT115102 Heavy-Duty Industrial Cable Cutter 250mm (10”)
Total THT1320501 Industrial F-Clamp 50 x 150mm
Total THT1320502 Industrial F-Clamp 50 x 200mm
Total THT1320503 Industrial F-Clamp 50 x 250mm
Total THT1320801 Industrial F-Clamp 80 x 300mm
Total THT1340602 Ratchet Bar Clamp 300mm (12”)
Total THT1340603 Ratchet Bar Clamp 450mm (18”)
Total THT141121 12pcs 1/2″-Drive Ratchet Handle with Sockets Set
Total THT141451 45 pcs 1/4″ Drive Socket Set
Total THT15308 Bypass Pattern Aluminum Pruning Shear 205mm (8”)
Total THT15606 Wire Stripper / Cutter
Total THT16P1011 Tools Pouch Single
Total THT16P2031 Tools Pouch with Belt
Total THT16P3011 Tools Pouch with Belt 8kg
Total THT16P4011 Tools Pouch 5kg
Total THT171006 Industrial Plumber’s Wrench 10”
Total THT171102 Ratcheting Pipe Wrench 10"
Total THT191002 Locking Pliers Straight Jaws 250mm (10”)
Total THT191003 Locking Pliers Curved Jaws 250mm (10”)
Total THT250726 Industrial Precision Screwdrivers Set 7-pcs
Total THT250906 Interchangeable Screwdriver Set 9 Pcs
Total THT26131 Tools Bag 13” (33cm)
Total THT26161 Tools Bag 16” (40cm)
Total THT281006 Industrial Pump Pliers 10”
Total THT291908 Test Pencil
Total THT2K0301S High-Leverage Industrial Pliers Set 3pcs
Total THT31142 Industrial Staple Gun Tacker for 4-14mm Staples
Total THT31143 3 in 1 Staple Gun
Total THT32105 Hand Riveter 10.5" Aluminum
Total THT32106 360° Swivel Head Hand Riveter
Total THT3351 Leather Hole Punch
Total THT41K0401 Industrial Wood Chisel Set 4 pcs
Total THT5113002 Straight Pruning Saw 7TPI 300mm (12”)
Total THT5113306 Curved Pruning Saw 7TPI 330mm (13”)
Total THT511802 Snap-Off Blade Utility Knife 158mm
Total THT512614 Utility Knife 61mm 5 Blades
Total THT522106 Straight Cut Aviation Snips (250mm, 10”)
Total THT524101 Tin Snips 254mm (10)
Total THT53422 PVC Pipe Cutter 225mm
Total THT53425 PVC Pipe Cutter 193mm
Total THT561781 Heavy-Duty Glass Cutter
Total THT918516 Industrial Steel Files Set 5pcs
Total THT9391 Hand Planer 235x50mm
Total THTCT2001 Cable Ties 200mm (Pack of 100pcs)
Total THTCT3001 Cable Ties 300mm (Pack of 100pcs)
Total THTRS031 Industrial Rain Suit Set
Total THTRS3061 Heavy-Duty Ratchet Straps Set 3-Ton 50mmx6M
Total THTRS3101 Heavy-Duty Ratchet Straps Set 3-Ton 50mmx10M
Total THWS010301 3-Pattern Garden Hose Spray Nozzle
Total THWS030301 3-pcs Graden Hose Quick Connectors Set
Total TIDLI20025 Cordless Impact Drill Set (with 2 x 20V Lithium-Ion Batteries and Charger)
Total TIDLI20031 Cordless Impact Drill Set (with 2 x 20V Lithium-Ion Batteries and Charger)
Total TIDLI228180 Cordless Impact Drill Set 18V Li-Ion
Total TIDLIE2001 Cordless Impact Drill Set (with 2 x 20V Lithium-Ion Batteries and Charger))
Total TL1108236 Electric Planer 1050W
Total TLPAC091 LED Bulb (Daylight) 9W
Total TLPAC141 LED Bulb (Daylight) 14W
Total TMT126051 Steel Measuring Tape 5m
Total TMT126081 Steel Measuring Tape 8m
Total TMT126101 Steel Measuring Tape 10m
Total TMT126351 Steel Measuring Tape 5m
Total TMT321501 Digital Caliper 150mm
Total TMT46001 Digital MultiTester
Total TMT61126 Industrial 12” Angle Square
Total TP1141806 Angle Polisher 1400W
Total TP18001-5 2-stroke 800 Watts Gasoline Generator
Total TR11122 Electric Router 2200W
Total TROSLI2001 Cordless Orbital Sander (Battery and Charger NOT INCLUDED)
Total TROSLI2001S Cordless Orbital Sander Set (with 20V Lithium-Ion Battery and Charger)
Total TS1141856 Circular Saw 1400W 185mm
Total TS2081006 Jig Saw 800W
Total TS42182551P Sliding Compound Mitre Saw 1800w 255mm (10”)
Total TS5152542 Table Saw 1500W 254mm
Total TS92035516 Cut Off Saw 2350W 355mm
Total TSDLI0401 Cordless Screwdriver Kit 4V Lithium-Ion
Total TSGLI2001 Cordless Spray Gun (Battery and Charger NOT INCLUDED)
Total TSGLI2001S Cordless Spray Gun Set (with 20V Lithium-Ion Battery and Charger)
Total TSP12101 Nitrile Dipped Industrial Safety Gloves XL
Total TSP12105 Nitrile Fully-Coated Industrial Safety Gloves XL
Total TSP13101 Latex Dipped Industrial Safety Gloves XL
Total TSP15161 Heat Protective Leather Gloves
Total TSP1701-XL Industrial Cut Resistant Protective Gloves 1 Pair (10-XL)
Total TSP201SB Safety Booots
Total TSP301 Polycarbonate Safety Goggles
Total TSP303 Flip Type Welding Goggles
Total TSP304 Polycarbonate Safety Goggles
Total TSP403 Disposable Dust Mask
Total TSP610 Industrial Face Shield
Total TSP9306 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet
Total TSP9402 Auto-Darkening Welding Goggles
Total TT1006 Electric Spray Gun 100W
Total TT101111 Glue Gun 100W
Total TT101116 Glue Gun 100W
Total TT301111 Glue Gun 220W
Total TT3506 Electric Spray Gun 350W
Total TT5006 Electric Spray Gun 500W
Total TTAC1401 Auto Mini Air Compressor 140psi
Total TTAC1406 Auto Air Compressor 140psi
Total TWAH3006 Welding Electrode Holder 300A
Total TWL3600LI LED Work Lamp / Trouble Light
Total TWPS101 Automatic Pump Control 10A
Total TWPS102 Automatic Pump Control with Gauge 10A

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