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JHC 12v DC Portable Mini Car Polisher 115mm (4.5”)
JHC 28-pack Self Adhesive Cork Furniture Protectors
JHC 2-Pc Furniture Touch Up Marker Set
JHC 3-Tier Suede Slacks Hanger
JHC Anti-Slip Mat 30x250cm Black
JHC Auto Squeegee
JHC Auto Wheel Brush
JHC Bag Sealing Clips 3-Sizes 12-Pack
JHC Bin Liner Large 78x58cm White 30-Pack
JHC Car Cleaning Essentials I
JHC Car Cleaning Essentials II
JHC Car Shampoo 2000mL
JHC Collapsible Water Carrier 5 quarts (4.73 liters)
JHC Disposable Hygiene Gloves
JHC Expanding Sponge
JHC Heavy Duty Scrub Sponge Assorted Colors 10pcs
JHC In-Sink Corner Mesh Basket
JHC Kitchen Measuring Tools Set 10pcs
JHC Lens Cleaning Wipes 24pcs
JHC Magnifying Glass 100mm / 4”
JHC Microfibre Cleaning Cloths 4 pack
JHC Microfibre Pad with Grip
JHC Mini Desk Organizer
JHC Pack of 4 Adjustable Bed Sheet Grippers
JHC Pack of 40 Protectant Wipes 15x20cm
JHC Paring Knives 3 pack
JHC Portable Mini Folding Step Stool
JHC Replacement Cookware Knobs 2pcs
JHC Reusable Yellow Latex Utility Gloves
JHC Rubber Door Stoppers 3 pcs
JHC Scrub Sponge with Handle
JHC Snake Drain Cleaner
JHC Solid Gel Odor Neutralizer 141g 2-Pack
JHC Stainless Steel Mesh Colander 19cm (7.4”)
JHC Stainless Steel Mesh Colander 22cm (8.6”)
JHC Stainless Steel Mesh Colander 25cm (9.8”)
JHC Stainless Steel Shallow Mesh Colander 24.5cm (9.6”)
JHC Super Absorbent Car Sponge
JHC Super Glue 2 Gms 5 Pack
JHC Super Soft Microfiber Cleaning Cloth 16 x 24”
JHC Swivel Type Plate Caster 62.5mm (2.5’) Set of 2
JHC Toilet Cleaning Blocks 4 pack
JHC Tote Bags 34.3cm (13.5”) 3-Pack
JHC White Plastic Funnels Set 3-pack

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