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  Doppelganger Detachable Front Bag Php 750.00  

Doppelganger Detachable Front Bag
Doppelganger Detachable Front Bag
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Doppelganger Detachable Front Bag
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Product Description

Detachable Front Bag from Doppelganger

Spacious cylindrical design that easily attaches and detaches to a bike's handlebar, simply using a sturdy metal hook. Removable hook is covered with vinyl inserts to avoid damage to the handlebar finish.

Includes inner pocket for storing small items like keys, cellphone, and for keeping things you need to retrieve quickly.

Velcro straps are used to safely secure the lower end of the bag to the handlebar post, or fixed to the head tube, for added stability.

Entire bag conveniently folds when not in use, and can also be used as a regular shopping bag, with the hook removed.

Zippered top lid prevents content loss; it would be wise, though, to not leave the bag when the bike is unattended.

Tough polyester fabric coated with polyurethane provides adequate content protection during slight to moderate drizzle. Not recommended for extreme weather conditions, though.

Available colours:

  • DB2F: black / gray
  • DB3F: Black / Orange

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