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  Tolsen Cold Chisel Pointed End 300mm Php 190.00  

Cold Chisel Pointed End 300mm
Cold Chisel Pointed End 300mm
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Item 25085 300mm Pointed End Cold Chisel from Tolsen

Heavy duty pointed end cold chisel used primarily in masonry projects, typically for chipping away old mortar, concrete blocks, cement and plaster, as well as for cutting through brick and stone.

NOTE: Not designed or suitable for metal work.

Features a pointed cutting edge.

Soft grip handle for protection and comfortable handing.

Used in conjunction with a ball peen hammer of suitable weight.

Chisel end should be sharpened when dull. Chisel head should be reground when burring on the head is evident after extensive use.

IMPORTANT: Always wear appropriate safety gear at all times, including gloves and goggles preferably with a filtered dust mask or respirator. Ear muffs optional in high-noise environments.

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