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Tolsen 10040 Industrial Tower Pincer 230mm (9”)
Tolsen 10066 Mini Bolt Cutter 200mm (8”)
Tolsen 10241 Compound Action Bolt Cutter 300mm (12”)
Tolsen 30002 Snap-off Blade Utility Knife 18x100mm Blade
Tolsen 30003 Industrial Snap-Off Blade Utility Knife 18x100mm
Tolsen 30007 Folding Utility Knife 61X19 mm Blade
Tolsen 30022 Industrial Straight Cut Aviation Snips (250mm, 10")
Tolsen 30044 Household Scissors (200mm, 8")
Tolsen 30049 Industrial Multi-Purpose Scissors (220mm, 8-3/4")
Tolsen 31014 Foldable Saw 180mm (7”)
Tolsen 31017 Back Saw with Mitre Box Set
Tolsen 33000 PVC Tubing Cutter 200mm (8”)
Tolsen 33100 PVC Tubing Cutter 200mm (8”)
Tolsen 38051 Industrial Wire Stripper and Cutter (160mm, 6")
Tolsen 38052 Industrial Wire Stripper and Crimper (215mm, 8.5")
Tolsen 40024 Drywall Taping Knife 250mm (10”)
Tolsen 41031 Industrial Heavy Duty Glass Cutter
Total TG5121806 Snap-Off Blade Utility Knife 185mm
Total TG5126101 Utility Knife 61mm 6 Blades
Total THFSW1806 Folding Saw 7"
Total THSCRS812001 Household Scissors 200mm (8”)
Total THSCRS812801 Household Scissors 275mm (11”)
Total THT113126 Industrial Bolt Cutter 12”
Total THT11386 Mini Bolt Cutter 8"
Total THT115102 Heavy-Duty Industrial Cable Cutter 250mm (10”)
Total THT15606 Wire Stripper / Cutter
Total THT511802 Snap-Off Blade Utility Knife 158mm
Total THT512614 Utility Knife 61mm 5 Blades
Total THT522106 Straight Cut Aviation Snips (250mm, 10”)
Total THT524101 Tin Snips 254mm (10)
Total THT53422 PVC Pipe Cutter 225mm
Total THT53425 PVC Pipe Cutter 193mm
Total THT561781 Heavy-Duty Glass Cutter

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