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Tolsen 15120 Industrial Reversible Ratchet (1/2”)
Tolsen 20032 Screwdriver Magnetizer
Tolsen 25053 Carbon Steel Hatchet (600g)
Tolsen 25085 Cold Chisel Pointed End 300mm
Tolsen 25086 Cold Chisel Flat End 250mm
Tolsen 32047 Combination Sharpening Stones
Tolsen 32060 Universal Wire Cleaning Brush 250mm (10")
Tolsen 32101 Plastic Sanding Block 210x105mm
Tolsen 40092 Mini Paint Roller Cover 100mm (4”)
Tolsen 41012 Plastering Trowel 280x120mm
Tolsen 41013 Plastering Trowel With Teeth
Tolsen 41019 Foam Trowel 230x100x10mm
Tolsen 42000 Planer
Tolsen 50000 Packaging Tape Dispenser
Tolsen 50004 Ceiling Paint Brush
Tolsen 60015 LED Work Light
Tolsen 62661 Suction Puller / Lifter 25kgs
Tolsen 62662 Dual-Suction 50kgs Puller / Lifter
Tolsen 65230 PE Funnel with Stainless Mesh (145mm)
Tolsen 65232 Large Capacity PP Funnel (250mm)
Total PBCA12001 Booster Cable 200 Amp
Total PBCA16001 Booster Cable 600 Amp
Total THT10821 Hydraulic Floor Jack 2 Ton
Total THT291908 Test Pencil
Total THT3351 Leather Hole Punch
Total THT9391 Hand Planer 235x50mm
Total TT101111 Glue Gun 100W
Total TT101116 Glue Gun 100W
Total TT301111 Glue Gun 220W
Total TWL3600LI LED Work Lamp / Trouble Light

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