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  Ogre OEM Replacement Wash Gun for Nilfisk Php 990.00  

OEM Replacement Wash Gun for Nilfisk
OEM Replacement Wash Gun for Nilfisk
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Product Description

High Pressure Trigger Handle with Nilfisk Quick Connect inlet ~ Nilfisk bayonet mount

Designed for use with 100 bar ~ 160 bar (1450 psi ~ 2320 psi) portable pressure washers with auto-shutoff feature.

This heavy duty high-pressure wash gun is intended for use with Nilfisk bayonet-mount extension lances, such as those with a variable nozzle and a rotational turbo nozzle, as well as a snow foam lance with the appropriate adapter.

Used with a foam lance, this gun combines high pressure water flow mixed with detergent and air to produce thick clinging foam that effectively breaks down dirt and grime on vehicles and structures as well.

Features a comfortable trigger grip for precise flow control, with a built-in safety latch to prevent the gun from accidentally activating when connected to a pump but not in use.

WARNING: A trigger-activated wash gun can kick back at pressures over 120 bar (1740 psi). Grip the gun and attachment securely with both hands before starting. Failure to do so can result in injury.

Plugs directly to a pressure washer hose with a matching M14 female threaded connector.

Used mainly as a direct replacement for the OEM trigger gun that comes with Nilfisk-compatible portable pressure washers, including Total/Kawasaki/Fujihama and others.

May also be used with other brand portable pressure washers with similar pressure ratings, or belt-driven pressure washers operating at lower than the trigger handle’s maximum rated pressure (160 bar ~ 2320 psi).

WARNING: When used with pressure washers with no auto-shutoff or pressure relief function, this wash gun must not be operated in the off position for an extended period of time (maximum of two (2) minutes) as the pressure build-up may cause damage to the pump and/or personal injury.

IMPORTANT: When using accessories with different types of pressure washers, ensure that the maximum operating pressure of your washer does not exceed the maximum pressure rating of the attached accessories and discharge hose.

  • Hose compatibility: any pressure washer hose with Nilfisk type quick connector on gun end, and meets or exceeds the maximum pressure rating of your washer pump and gun.
  • Accessories compatibility: any accessory with Nilfisk compatible bayonet mount, and meets or exceeds the maximum pressure rating of your washer pump and gun.

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