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Outdoor Portable Alcohol Burner
Outdoor Portable Alcohol Burner
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Naturehike Outdoor Portable Alcohol Burner
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Item NH18L001-T Outdoor Portable Alcohol Burner from Naturehike

Portable mini stove suitable for outdoor cooking when camping or traveling with family and friends.

Unlike traditional backpacking stoves that use butane gas or liquid fuel, this stove burns on readily-available alcohol sources such as methanol, denatured alcohol or ethanol.

Alcohol has a low flash point, with a high utilization rate of combustion, meaning it catches on fire very quickly. It burns about half as hot as some other fuels, so may take slightly longer to cook, but is less expensive. It is extremely flammable, but not explosive.

The entire unit is only 6.5cm (2.5 inches) high, consisting of a top swivel cover to adjust or extinguish the flame, a screw-on furnace cover with built-in sealing ring for use while in storage and transport, and the bottom support bracket with side vent holes.

While weighing only a little over 100 grams, it can carry a load up to 5 kilos.


  1. Remove the stove from the bracket, remove the top cover, and unscrew and remove the furnace cover.
  2. Pour about 80% of the height of the furnace core.
  3. Manually ignite and use, place back the top swivel regulator cover, and adjust the flame.
  4. After use, extinguish the flame by completely closing the top cover.
  5. After cooling, empty the furnace of any remaining alcohol, and screw back the furnace cover.
  6. Store in the included velvet bag.

IMPORTANT: It is strictly forbidden to add alcohol during the burning process! The use of fuel other than alcohol is strictly prohibited!

Includes a velvet pouch and packaged in a printed storage box.

Available colours: Bluestone Green, Glazed Gold

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