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  Ogre Gorilla Clip with Ball Head Php 490.00  

Ogre Gorilla Clip with Ball Head
Ogre Gorilla Clip with Ball Head
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Gorilla Clip with Ball Head for Digital Cameras

Versatile spring-tensioned clip with flex ball head for mounting light-weight digital cameras or any photo accessory that can accept a standard 1/4”x20 threaded stud. Can be clamped to any surface from 1/4” to 1” inch thick.

This handy gadget allows you to securely position a light-weight camera, such as a GoPro HD Hero for example, onto any flat or slightly curved surface, in fact practically anywhere you can clamp it to.

Its small footprint allows the use of a digicam in tight situations, or in any circumstance where a tripod may be impractical.

Not only does it save precious studio space that can be used for other purposes, this little gizmo virtually presents unusual possibilities for creative camera positioning and lighting techniques as well.

Much like a joystick, the ultra flexible ball head can swivel and be locked in any direction. Its 1/4”x20 thread accepts most digital cameras and speedlight flash brackets directly.

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